Cannabis Industry
  • No more hiding the real nature of your business because you are afraid of having your credit card processing shut down! Stop signing up with dicey processors that don't sound legit in the first place.
  • Tired of being declined, signing up for bogus processing programs, or having to switch credit card processors every few months because you keep getting processors who misrepresent your business?
  • Finally, Fortress Payment Technologies has created the industry's first plastic card processing program specifically tailored for the medical and recreational marijuana industry
  • Studies show that accepting credit cards versus cash in your business will increase the average ticket size by more than 35%
  • Eliminate or reduce the need for expensive and burdensome cash management systems
  • 100% Domestic card processing with traditional funding timeframes
  • Lower the risk of theft and robbery in your dispensary
  • Traditional Merchant Payment setup with banks that know and understand the cannabis industry
  • Clear account configuration - you are registered as a Cannabis Dispensary - there is no mislabeling or other tricks most processor use
  • We are able to accept any PIN-based debit card and most PIN-based credit cards.
  • Reduce liabilities and costs associated with cash
  • Payment system funds directly into your bank account
  • Virtual Terminal systems provides comprehensive reporting